Fizio Aktiv

The FIZIO AKTIV practice has started making orthopedic insoles tailored to the needs of each user under the French license CAPRUN PODOLOGI.

The production of such insoles, which are made of the most modern and resistant types of materials, is not only intended for the comfort of your shoes, but is primarily intended to solve your problems in the form of foot pain but also problems of statics and gait dynamics as well as complete posture. Real cartridge done especially according to your needs and your footprint, it can relieve your feet, but also your knees, hips and the lumbar spine. Before making each insert, our professional staff will take your anamnesis, do a posture assessment, and look at all your needs. It depends on what kind of cartridge it will do for you.

The cartridges are intended for:

  • For children, in the form of correction of flat soles, where proprioceptively stimulating insole is made for children up to 10 years of age, which helps the proper development of children's feet, which corrects the position of the knees, hips and spine through the feet.
  • In older children, a hard insole is made according to the imprint, which also corrects the position of the foot and over them the knees and spine.
  • Adults, we make corrective insoles, which keep the foot in the correct position, reduce pain in the feet, knees and spine during standing or walking, engaging in daily activities, simply relieve and make life more comfortable and easier.
  • Athletes, insoles can be made and shaped according to the footwear you wear during sports activities, be it sneakers or football boots. Depending on the sport you play, they can relieve pressure when jumping, running or give extra stability to your feet and thus prevent injuries.
  • Diabetics, prevention of blisters and wounds on the foot of diabetics by regulating the distribution of pressure on the foot, relieving predilection places on the foot with maximum comfort.