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Fizio Aktiv
31. May 2021.

Solve the problem of flat feet at the root
Orthopedic insoles – a new, fast, effective and unique way of making in Serbia
How many times have you felt pain in your foot without doctors or orthopedists giving you a specific solution? There are many people who have tried to buy insoles or shoes that are commercialized, made in one mold and most people do not provide an adequate feeling and solution to the problem.

For this reason, seeing that in Serbia we do not have a concrete solution to this problem, we entered into cooperation with the French company CAPRON, which showed us an extraordinary philosophy and way to make insoles that we proudly make in our clinic FIZIO AKTIV and make many people happy. with this high quality product.

We must note that the main advantage in making these cartridges is:

  1. Which takes an INDIVIDUAL footprint for each foot.
  2. The fingerprint taken is CORRECTED .
  3. The cartridge is being created NOW and completed within an hour .
  4. No waiting for a few weeks, the patient is present during the development in order to finally get a product that has been tried several times, reliable and FUNCTIONAL .
  5. The materials are of TOP quality, manufactured and imported from France.

Foot pain

Foot pain can come from many causes. For that reason, the FIZIO AKTIV office performs an examination which determines the cause of the problem and at the same time provides the patient with information on whether the insert can solve, or at least alleviate, their problem or something else needs to be done to solve the problem.


CAPRON’s insole program is such that a solution is offered for every foot problem, except when the feet are genetically flat and when the correction does more harm than good, but we will certainly say more about it and explain it in more detail below.


Children in their growth and development, taking into account the modernization of the way of life, have more and more foot problems. Our office showed that with its study that we conducted in all 13 kindergartens of the preschool institution Nate Veljković in Krusevac, and came to the astonishing fact that more than half of the children have some problem with their feet. With the exception of some more severe forms of foot deformity, it is most often pronation or supination of the foot (Figure 1). In the picture we can see that the Achilles tendons are curved in accordance with the lowered or raised arch of the foot.

ortopedski inserts

This type of deformity is subject to correction.

IMPORTANT: In a situation where the footprint shows signs of a lowered arch of the foot while the Achilles tendon is flat, it is a flat foot that is not subject to correction, it is an inherited structural disorder in the arch of the foot that should not cause problems. >

Cartridge making:

Children's insoles made The insole for children up to 9 years of age is made without taking a print, but based on the size of the shoes. It is silicone, flexible with purposefully inserted hard material in precisely provided places. The role of this hard material, as well as the way this insole works, is proprioception. During each step, the insole stimulates the foot muscles that are activated, so that the foot is practically exercised with each step, which turned out to be much more practical than exercises that children sometimes will not do and quickly get bored. With this approach, we cause the proper construction of the arch of the foot, so that there would be no further problems in the future.

It is very important to take care of all this on time, because if you do not pay attention to this problem, there will be many problems!
Namely, there is an imbalance of the foot ligaments, as we can see in the pictures. If the foot is in the supination position, there will be a passive stretching of the lateral ligament of the ankle. The situation is the same with pronation, only the medial ligament will be stretched. The consequence of this is that e.g. in pronation of the foot in which the medial ligament is stretched, the lateral ligament is shortened , which greatly reduces its resistance to injuries. It is very likely that the shortened ligament will rupture when the ankle sprains.

The first on the radar after the feet are the knees, which due to the poor distribution of pressure on the feet also suffer from a bad pressure distribution, which will eventually lead to pain in the same but also to premature gonarthrosis, ie deterioration of the knee cartilage. After that, there is a problem in the hips, muscle imbalance, shortening of the rotator and compensation in the spine, which also suffers in the end. As you can see, the feet are the foundation of our body and if it is not good, everything slowly collapses!

For any additional information, appointment for making insoles or scheduling a foot examination, you can call 0373100156 or mobile 062 442 020

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