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2. July 2019.

Knee osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of the peripheral joints, it occurs as a consequence of worn out cartilage, joint capsule, joint connection under the great influence of load. Osteoarthritis primarily affects the cartilage at the articular ends of the bones. Healthy articular cartilage serves to enable the smooth sliding of joint surfaces and to reduce the transfer of mechanical energy with its special structure and to cushion the shocks that inevitably occur in the joints during movement and also acts as a shock absorber. During arthrosis, the superficial layers of the articular cartilage burst until it completely disappears. It is precisely this problem that increases the friction force when sliding the joint surfaces. If osteoarthritis of the knee develops, there is further damage to the knee cartilage.

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arthrosis What are the causes of arthrosis?

Symptoms of gonarthrosis

 Knee pain Knee pain – Initially occurs only during exercise and lasts as long as exercise fine. They calm down after the load stops.

In osteoarthritis of the knee, with the development of the disease, the pain becomes more intense, and muscle atrophy and weakened muscle tone develop, directly as a consequence of the body’s compensatory mechanisms in the form of saving support on the painful leg. In this situation, the problem spreads further to the other leg, which suffers a greater load due to saving the sore leg, and often results in pain in the hip, spine and feet.

Prevention and treatment of gonarthrosis

All of the above causes of knee cartilage failure are inevitable and lead to the described condition, but there are still many things you can do to prevent the development of knee osteoarthritis .

Take care of your weight , eat healthy to maintain your mobility.

If the nature of your work is such that you have to strain your knees, work on strengthening the knee muscles in order to maximally, with their strength, relieve the joint and reduce the pressure on the cartilage.

Work on posture and general posture , fight kyphosis, scoliosis, X and O legs in time.

If you play sports , take care of your knees, be prepared in all fields and thus reduce the risk of injury.

Get informed and develop a culture of healthy feet, pay attention to how you step, and if you notice any irregularities, be sure to visit the appropriate expert who will offer you a solution.

If you still have osteoarthritis of the knee, there are various ways you can stop or slow down the further deterioration of the knee cartilage. First of all, there are certain preparations, more precisely dietary supplements that have been proven to help preserve articular cartilage. Physical therapy can also be very effective in relieving the symptoms of osteoarthritis and stopping it. There is also the PRP method, hyaluronic injections that can be successful in relieving symptoms to some extent.

What we recommend is SALUS TALENT , an electromagnet that produces an electromagnetic field 30 times stronger than the magnetic field obtained in the solenoid. It has been shown to be excellent on the musculoskeletal system, has a very strong analgesic effect, reduces swelling, and has a very favorable effect on the overall condition caused by cartilage deterioration.

We also have orthotic aids that stabilize the joint, providing safer and easier movements in the knee joint.

What our clinic can confirm, based on many years of experience and work, is that a very large number of people have a problem with the arches of the feet, with the way they walk and walk, and that this problem directly caused problems in the knees, hips and spine. That is why we have educated our staff according to the house program CAPRON for making orthopedic insoles, which effectively correct deformities of the feet, and thus the knees. We do accurate diagnostics of the problem, and we make the cartridge on the spot within an hour, especially according to your print.

Don’t allow yourself to develop a knee problem due to a foot problem that is solvable !

If a stage occurs where none of the above methods help alleviate the symptoms, surgery is the only long-term and complete solution that can be considered.

Electromagnet of high magnetic induction which has an excellent analgesic effect on the joints , dispersion effect on the swelling , so that it has proven to be extremely effective in the problem of pain in all joints, rheumatic diseases, injuries. .. This magnet is the first electromagnet that is individually dosed according to the patient’s feeling, so that unlike standard magnets, the patient can feel from mild vibrations to very strong muscle contractions with therapy on this magnet. The analgesic effect, ie the effect of reducing pain, is felt very quickly, sometimes even after the first treatment.

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