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25. March 2018.

Shoulder pain syndrome belongs to the group of extraarticular rheumatic diseases. Painful shoulder or periarthritis humeroscapularis is a rheumatic disorder that affects the shoulder joint, as well as the periarticular structures (muscles and tendons that are located around the joint itself). It is characterized by severe pain in the shoulder, which is practically immobile. The patient assumes the characteristic position of the hand leaning against the body in order to avoid movements that cause pain. It can occur unilaterally, rarely bilaterally, but it can also occur alternately.

There are various factors, such as trauma, sudden movements of the arm, lifting and carrying of a load, changes in the muscles and tendons of the shoulder muscles. Also, the effect of hadna in terms of local cooling can reduce the already weakened vascularization of the muscle tendon and lead to an inflammatory process.
It is most often manifested in two ways, in the first case, shoulder pain appears suddenly (acute), which usually passes quickly, and such a condition is called “acute painful shoulder”.

In the second case, the condition often begins with less pain in the shoulder and an increasing restriction of shoulder mobility, so that at a later stage, movements in the shoulder are almost impossible. It usually first appears on the tendons of the shoulder girdle, which is accompanied by a boom during certain movements in the joint, and with progress, the joint capsule becomes inflamed, which causes movement restrictions and very severe pain. This condition is called “frozen shoulder”.

It is set on the basis of an objective clinical examination by a physiatrist with an X-ray.

In the acute phase, anti-inflammatory drugs used for pain and inflammation can be used, as well as cryo-massage, ice massage and positioning of the shoulder joint by placing a pillow under the armpit to move the upper arm away from the body. In addition to standard physical procedures, we apply INDIBA aktiv cell radiotherapy, which is done in the form of massage and has proven to be very effective in reducing shoulder pain and indispensable kinesitherapy in terms of pendular exercises to restore the necessary mobility in the shoulder.

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